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With several well marketed brands of Garcinia Cambogia in the market, you may be wondering what criteria we use to select Garcinia Cambogia Select as our product for review.

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These are our criteria:-

1) Has to satisfy the criteria that have been laid down by Dr Oz when he introduces Garcinia Cambogia in his recent health talk show.
2) Good feedback and reviews from actual users that we find at online health forums. We do not rely solely on reviews on the manufacturer’s website.
3) Positive reviews in the social media scene (which we find as the most accurate feedback from actual users)
4) Responsive customer service which is crucial when you deal with online purchases.

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As a pure garcinia cambogia extract, this product Garcinia Cambogia Select surpasses all the criteria that we set above; that is the reason why we chose it as our main product for review.

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